Contour Lines from Points Shapefile (ArcGis)

This is a good tutorial on how to convert points shapefile to contour lines:

The summaries of the video as follows:

A: Points to Spatial Area (Contour)

  1. Using Topo to Raster plugin: ArxToolbox > Spatial Analyst Tools > Interpolation > Topo to Raster
  2. Then, select Input feature data > field (the z-value that we want) > Type > PointElevation

Points to Spatial Area

B: Contour to Contour Line

  1. Using Contour plugin: ArxToolbox > Spatial Analyst Tools > Surface > Contour
  2. Then, select Input Raster (tiff. from step A.) > Contour Interval (distance between two lines. if the interval between line is 20mm, select 20. It is not the no. of contour interval)

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