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Using HEC-GeoRAS for the HEC-RAS modelling (Videos Expired!)

Note: All video tutorials have been expired!. I will make the videos to replaced expired videos soon. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. – zulkarnain If you do HEC-RAS for the flood or water quality modeling, HEC-GeoRAS may help you. In … Continue reading

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Field Calculator in QGIS

In QGIS, if you want to calculate the real geometries (such as area, parameter, length etc.) of polygon/point based on the current coordinate system, we need using the field calculator.  If we use this calculator, we able to show the … Continue reading

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How to export string with timeperiod to .dat file? (Re-Post)

Here a question (original link) that I ask at Matlab Community that the reader may found useful. Question: I have a large string that containing time period such as 23-May-2009 02:00:00 (as attached). Variable editor in Matlab is unable to display … Continue reading

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Menukar sistem koordinat menggunakan ArcGIS

Bila dapat shp files dari client dalam sistem koordinat kertau, mesti pening kepala. Mananya tidak, saya adalah pengguna QGIS dan function “on the fly” CRS transformation dalam QGIS sangat tidak membantu, berbanding function yang sama dalam ArcGIS. That why, ArcGIS sangat … Continue reading

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Protected: Hydrology and Hydraulics Software

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Writing and Defence of Research Proposal

On 23rd Dec, I have required attending the PhD deference proposal. This is my first-time experience to do the assessment. As the examiner, I also google myself to find out what criteria that examiner wants to evaluate the proposal defend. … Continue reading

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Example of Bootstrapping

In a statistical analysis, bootstrapping is a popular technique, especially useful when the sample size is small. It is involved with resampling and the technique is assume nothing about the distribution of our data. It is noted that a small … Continue reading

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What is the difference between Fanning and Moody friction factors?

Which is a correct equation of head loss, Equations 1 or 2? hL = 4fLV2/2gD (Equation 1) hL = flv2/2gd (Equation 2) Equation 1 is applied Fanning equation and Equation 2 is applied Moody equation. For old books and tutorial, … Continue reading

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Climate Extremes Indices (Re-post)

I obtained a good post (link) on the climate extremes indices. The post as follows: Currently, the ET recommends 27 core indices (the ‘ETCCDI’ indices) that are calculated for the globe using the  RClimDex/FClimDex software.

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Protected: R Programming (Code and Tutorial for Beginner)

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