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I was born in Melaka (1987), holds the degree in B.Eng.(2010), M.Eng (2012) and Ph.D. (2016) in Civil Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I have been the UniMAP since 2016 and currently serving as Senior Lecturer. Feel free to contact me if you are interested to collaborate or pursuit a study (Master or Ph.D.) with me. Thank you!

Run for 100 times (loops) and save each result of run into a single matrix in MATLAB

Here a simple example: You want to run 100x times of this function, y=2i, where i is integer values (0 until 100) and you want to save each y into a single matrix (named as y1), you can write as follow: … Continue reading

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Multiple into one columns and vice versa in Excel using macro

If you work with a lot of data in Excel, it is difficult to rearrange multiple column of data into a single column. The traditional way, you cut/copy and paste, and it will take forever (boring and repetitive works). The … Continue reading

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Monte Carlo Simulation 1 (Bookmark & Planning)

Monte-Carlo, is very famous nowadays. If you work with uncertainty analysis, you will become familiar with this term. From my knowledge (maybe I wrong), Monte-Carlo can be related as sampling method: same like bootstrapping or random generation. Since my study … Continue reading

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Change the summary calculation of multiple pivot table fields at once using Macro (Excel)

Pivot table is useful to summary calculation for table. However, there isn’t a simple way to adjust multiple fields to the same function. The traditional way, you can right-click on the pivot table and adjust one-by-one. Fortunately, there is the easy … Continue reading

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Resampling Data

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Read/edit the built-in Matlab functions

I found a good tip from the matlab community to find out the built-in function in Matlab. You can edit and change it. The tip as follows: % You can use the [which] command to find the path name to … Continue reading

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Design, safety and management of the reservoir

I found very good online article on the dam management on the view of hydrology and hydraulic. The article was achieved from Dr. Sobri’s academic website (Link: Very interesting. The article as follows: A Dam Management team requires knowledge … Continue reading

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Top 20 PhD Viva Questions

I would like to share some good general questions for PhD viva. Useful for PhD candidates and also for examiners. Credit to my main supervisor who forward this information. What is original or novel about your work/thesis? What are the main issues / debates … Continue reading

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