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Remove the last part of every line in notepad++

April 10, 2015 zulkarnainh 0

If we have the lines: and we want final lines become like this: we can applied notepad++ to do it. The solution as follow: 1) Using notepad++ and go to the search. Please used the regular […]

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(Repost) Batch Change/Rename File Extensions In Windows

March 25, 2015 zulkarnainh 0

A good tips from Please refer to the original article. ————————————————————————– Batch Change/Rename File Extensions In Windows Do you want to batch rename file extensions in one simple step? Changing each file extension separately can be a pain in […]

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Grouping boxplot in matlab

December 28, 2014 zulkarnainh 0

Here an example from The example is about on how to create a boxplot for multiple group of variables. The example as follows: x=rand(1000,6); %variable x y=rand(1000,6); %variable y D(:,1:2:12)=x; %rearrange x into d. D(:,2:2:12)=y; %rearrange y into d […]