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Mencari Parameter dan Simulasi Model Neyman-Scott

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera,

Berikut adalah tutorial untuk mencari parameter untuk model Neyman-Scott, serta cara simulasi bagi mendapat data hujan (skala sejam). File sokongan dan source code untuk tutorial boleh dimuat-turn disini (Link).

PART 1: Mencari ciri-ciri hujan setiap bulan

PART 2: Mencari parameter Nyeman-Scott menggunakan ABC optimization (MATLAB code)

PART 3: Simulasi hujan skala sejam menggunakan model.

Cheap printing dissertation services in Melaka

Cheap printing dissertation services in Melaka

I want to promote a good shop for printing a dissertation/thesis service in Melaka. Each paper, cost only 5sen (more than 100papers) and photostat is around 4sen. Very cheap, it is?

The shop near to Multimemedia University (MMU) Melaka, Bukit Beruang. Below are detailed and some picture of the shop:

Address of the shop: 

No.13 Jalan Bukit Beruang Utama 2, Taman Bukit Beruang Utama 75450
Melaka, Malaysia
016-710 0050

Picture of the front shop and their rate of services:

12033185_508554862653159_8606001636575672581_n 12036768_508554882653157_4575379643839928874_n

Printing murah utk thesis di Melaka

Saya ingin berkongsi mengenai kedai murah untuk print thesis di kawasan Melaka. Setiap helai, harga hanya 5sen (lebih 100 kertas) dan fotokopi hanya 4sen. Murah bukan?

Kedai ini berhampiran dengan Universiti Multimedia (MMU) Melaka di Bukit Beruang. Berikut adalah huraian dan gambar mengenai kedai berkenaan:

Note: Have a cheap printing shop around Melaka? Please share with me. 😉

Top 20 PhD Viva Questions

Fig. 1: Summary of PhD. process

I would like to share some good general questions for PhD viva. Useful for PhD candidates and also for examiners. Credit to my main supervisor who forward this information.

  1. What is original or novel about your work/thesis?
  2. What are the main issues / debates in your subject area? What is the current state of the art in your field?
  3. What were the crucial research decisions that you made? How did they impact what you did?
  4. How have you analysed/evaluated your work?
  5. Why have you tackled the problem in this way? What alternatives did you consider?
  6. What do your results mean? Are there longer term implications for industry?
  7. How could you improve your work/thesis?
  8. What had not been done on this topic/field before?
  9. What theories or models or analytical techniques did you use?
  10. Are the techniques you have used appropriate for this topic?
  11. What are the theoretical basis/underpinnings to your work?
  12. How long do you expect your work to remain innovative? How do you expect the field to develop in the next 5-10 years?
  13. What sets your work apart from others? Who are the leading researchers in your field?
  14. What issues arose during this work? How did you resolve any issues which arose in the course of your research?
  15. What have you learned from the process of doing a PhD? How will you apply what you have learnt in your future career?
  16. How did you deal with the practical/fieldwork aspect of your study?
  17. Do you think that your recommendations are appropriate or widely applicable?
  18. Is there scope for further study on this topic? What would you recommend the next student on this topic to do?
  19. Do your contributions have a limited timescale? When do you think your work will be obsolete?
  20. What have you done that merits the award of a PhD?