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Journal Article(s) (WOS/Scopus Indexed)

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Journal Article(s) (Non-indexed)

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Refereed Conference Paper(s) (Scopus-Index)

  1. A Nazirah*, W O Wan Mohd Sabki, Hassan, Z. and A Afizah (2021). Simulation of Runoff using HEC-HMS for Ungauged Catchment. AIP Conference Proceedings, 2347, 020276. DOI: SCOPUS
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Non-Refereed Conference Paper(s)

  1. Hassan, Z.*, Shamsudin, S. and Harun, S. (2013). Runoff modelling in Northern Peninsular Malaysia using ANN. In: Proceeding of The 4th International Graduate Conference on Engineering Science & Humanity 2013 (IGCESH2013). April 16-17. Skudai: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, pp.434-439. ISSN: 1823-3287
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Newspaper and Opinion Articles

  1. Hassan, Z. (2021). Bencana Banjir di Yan, Kedah : Salah Siapa? (Online). Tinta Minda – BERNAMA. Available at

* is the corresponding author