Run for 100 times (loops) and save each result of run into a single matrix in MATLAB

Here a simple example: You want to run 100x times of this function, y=2i, where i is integer values (0 until 100) and you want to save each y into a single matrix (named as y1), you can write as follow:

for i=1:100 % 100 times of loops 
y=2*i % our function
y1(i,:)=y % each y will save on a single column in the matrix end
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Read/edit the built-in Matlab functions

I found a good tip from the matlab community to find out the built-in function in Matlab. You can edit and change it. The tip as follows:

% You can use the [which] command to find the path name to the

% built-in function in question, i.e. -

which fft

% then point Matlab to that folder on your computer so that

% the fft.m file is in your "current folder" window. Then use

% the [edit] command to edit the function, i.e. -

edit fft

% The code for the fft function will appear in the editor window.

% Often it is useful to make small changes to the built-in code

% then comment out the changes as soon as you're done so that

% Matlab will continue to function as designed.
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