Source of General Circulation Models

I obtain several questions regarding to the SDSM model. Here some of questions:

Am writing this email from Ethiopia and am doing my thesis work regarding impact of climate change on hydrology. am pleased to ask you about climate scenarios where to download like HadCM3 A2 and B2. Currently am planning to use SDSM-DC 5.2, predictor variable 1948-2014. please send me the link.


where will we get the data for HadCM3 A1, A1B, B2 for for Ethiopia region. please guide me in this regards.

We able to directly obtain the General Circulation Models (GCMs) from the Those data in-term of raw data and are required to extract to be suitable applied with the SDSM model.

The alternative source of GCMs that being used by me (detail in my publications: or published by Canadian Climate Data and Scenarios (CCDS). Data published by the CCDS contain normalized NCEP and GCMs. We able to directly used to the SDSM model (or other statistical approaches).Below are some GCMs published by CCDS:

HadCM3 (, CGCM2 (, and CGCM3 (

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