Adjust (such as Resize & Move) Raster Image and Shapefile in ArcGIS (Georeferencing)

This is a good tutorial on youtube, on how to georeferencing raster image and shapefile as follows. Georeferencing is the process you fix the referencing or coordinate of the raster. In simple word, georeferencing can be explained as the process you resize or move the raster/shapefile. At the end of the process, you will get the correct coordinate.

Georeferencing for both raster and shapefile have their own steps. The steps as follows:

1. Georeferencing the raster image

Tools that been used in this example are:
Georeferencing (Tips: Click control points and right click on frame to insert the coordinate)
Effect (to help with the process – reduce the brightness of the raster)

Original video (Click Here)


Download the video (Click Here)

2. Georeferencing the shapefile

Tool that been used:
Spatial adjustment (similar way to used like Georeferencing as above)

Original video (Click Here)

Download the video (Click Here)

Note: All videos that been used in this tutorial are from Youtube. The writer does not take any credit or responsible (copyright issue) from those videos. 

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