How can I extract a time series of variable for a specific location (specific longitude and latitude) from a CMIP5 experiment netCDF data set? (Answer 2)

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I want to downscale temperature and precipitation output from some of the CMIP5 models for my country (Jordan) coordinates. but I failed until now to figure out how to extract a time series of precipitation and temperature for specific coordinates from the the NetCDF files that I downloaded form the CMIP5 data website.

Answer 2:
Its very simple only if you have ArcGIS Software.
  1. Open Arcmap (Double click the Icon)
  2. In the Arctoolbox—–Goto Multidimension Tools—–MakeNetCDFTableView (Click)
  3. input netCDF file——-your file in ‘.nc’ (NetCDF extension)
  4. variable———-Precipitation or Temperature
  5. Row Dimensions—————-Time stamps (Day or month)
  6. Dimension Values————-Lat and Long (You can give more values)
  7. After the Process you can see your data and just export to excel or other statistical software.
  8. video tutorial is also attached herewith.
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Figure: Step 2
Figure: Interface of MakeNetCDFTableView in ArcGIS


Video: How to export Netcdf using ArcGIS (can download using this link)

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