Annotation to Point

There is a case when I received the drawing from the consultant and need to generate the digital elevation model (DEM). The drawing in the AutoCAD format, and it is difficult for me since their georeferencing is not assigned. Then, the drawing needs to export to the ArcGIS for the DEM generation.

Sometimes, the elevation information in the drawing stores as the text or annotation. Therefore, when export to ArcGIS, the annotation will display and how we want to get the elevation data?

There is one way to do is change the annotation to point by using the “features to point” function in ArcGIS, as shown in Figure1. Therefore, your elevation data will generate as a point, and you can perform the Kriging or IDW methods to generate the surface elevation or DEM.

The steps to transform annotation from AutoCAD to points in ArcGIS as follows:

  1. Import the autocad drawing to ArcGIS.
  2. Fix the georeferencing of the drawing using Georeferencing.
  3. Go to ArcToolbox, click Data Management Tools and then, select Features. Next step, select Feature to Point.
  4. Select annotation as Input Features (Figure 1).
  5. Your points that have the elevation data are generated and displayed in ArcGIS.
Figure 1

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