Site Visit & Measurement along Sg Kelantan

Differences between two scenarios at the same point, Pasar Besar Kuala Krai. The first picture and second pictures are during the normal and the 2014 Flood Event, respectively.

8th – 15th Sep 2021 (8 days), I go to Sg Kelantan for a site visit and measurement. With two units of the drone and 1 unit of Emlid Reach RS+ (GPS), I go to Sg Kelantan by my car from Perlis. The primary purpose of the visit is to look my own eye, on how the Sg. Kelantan looks like and measures the flood level during the 2014-major flood event. I will use the measurement data to verify the hydrodynamic modelling that I develop to simulate the flood events along with Sg. Kelantan.

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