Annotation to Point

There is a case when I received the drawing from the consultant and need to generate the digital elevation model (DEM). The drawing in the AutoCAD format, and it is difficult for me since their georeferencing is not assigned. Then, the drawing needs to export to the ArcGIS for the DEM generation. Sometimes, the elevation … Read more


One of the main limitations of SDSM is the lack of multiple GCMs for the AR5 RCPs. To gain insights into climate model uncertainty for different RCPs,we can deployed the NEX-GDDP data ( In NEX-GDDP data, different RCPs are deploy and can be compare to the projection from the SDSM model. Reference: Daksiya, V., Mandapaka, … Read more

Download Free Landsat 8 Satellite Imagery using Google Earth and EarthExplorer

Alternative Video This video link (source) gives a good example on how to download free Landsat 8 by using Google Earth and EarthExplorer. The steps as follows: How to download free Landsat-8 satellite imagery using Google Earth and EarthExplorer from USGS: 1. Download Landsat 8 KML file from: 2. Drag and drop it in … Read more