Annotation to Point

There is a case when I received the drawing from the consultant and need to generate the digital elevation model (DEM). The drawing in the AutoCAD format, and it is difficult for me since their georeferencing is not assigned. Then, the drawing needs to export to the ArcGIS for the DEM generation. Sometimes, the elevation … Read more

Adjust (such as Resize & Move) Raster Image and Shapefile in ArcGIS (Georeferencing)

This is a good tutorial on youtube, on how to georeferencing raster image and shapefile as follows. Georeferencing is the process you fix the referencing or coordinate of the raster. In simple word, georeferencing can be explained as the process you resize or move the raster/shapefile. At the end of the process, you will get … Read more

Watershed Delineation and River Formation using Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Here a good example and tutorial from youtube for watershed delineation and river formation using digital elevation model (DEM). The steps as follows: Watershed delineation1. Spatial analysis tools       -> hydrology            -> fill            -> flow direction            -> flow accumulative      … Read more