One of the main limitations of SDSM is the lack of multiple GCMs for the AR5 RCPs. To gain insights into climate model uncertainty for different RCPs,we can deployed the NEX-GDDP data ( In NEX-GDDP data, different RCPs are deploy and can be compare to the projection from the SDSM model. Reference: Daksiya, V., Mandapaka, … Read more

Climate Extremes Indices (Re-post)

I obtained a good post (link) on the climate extremes indices. The post as follows: Currently, the ET recommends 27 core indices (the ‘ETCCDI’ indices) that are calculated for the globe using theĀ  RClimDex/FClimDex software. Definitions of the 27 core indices FD, Number of frost days: Annual count of days when TN (daily minimum temperature) … Read more

Source of General Circulation Models

I obtain several questions regarding to the SDSM model. Here some of questions: Am writing this email from Ethiopia and am doing my thesis work regarding impact of climate change on hydrology. am pleased to ask you about climate scenarios where to download like HadCM3 A2 and B2. Currently am planning to use SDSM-DC 5.2, … Read more