Steady and Unsteady Flows

A good article on the differences and usages of steady and unsteady flows can be referred as follows. The original article from here, published by Ponce (2011). ♦ HEC-RAS The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center┬áRiver Analysis System, for short, the HEC-RAS model, can perform three types of calculations: (1) steady flow, (2) … Read more

Use Web Imagery in Ras Mapper

QuestionHai. I want to use a web imagery from ras mapper. However, i unable to display google hybrid as the web imagery, in which ras mention the error as shown in the second image. How to solve this problem? I take projection file (.pjr) from shp file of the catchment that been build in ArcGIS. Did … Read more