FYP Students

List name of undergraduate students (Final Year Project – FYP):


  1. Daniel Lee Wen Chun – Application of CMhyd for long-term rainfall projection based on CMIP6 scenarios over Peninsular Malaysia.
  2. Lian Chau Ying – Projection on the impact of climate change on future temperature over Peninsular Malaysia using CMhyd.


  1. Lim Yee Siang – Trend analysis of seasonal rainfall pattern in Perlis, Malaysia.
  2. Chin En Sheng – Development of Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) over the catchment of Timah-Tasoh Reservoir.
  3. Nurul Azierra binti Saberi – LARS-WG for downscaling observed and future rainfall over the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
  4. Nurarsyadiah binti Ahmad Zahurin – Study on Perlis State Park as forest water catchment for continuous water inflow to Timah-Tasoh Reservoir using HEC-HMS.
  5. Nur Aliah binti Rasul – Study on Perlis State Park as forest water catchment for continuous water inflow to Timah-Tasoh Reservoir using EPA-SWMM.

FYP 2021/2022


  1. Nur Shuhada Binti Safar – Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for flood risk assessment in Kelantan River.
  2. Muhamad Haziq bin Rashidi – Flood modelling for downstream of Kelantan River by using one dimensional HEC-RAS.
  3. Muhammad Alif bin Adnan – Projection of rainfall and temperature under CMIP5 RCP scenarios using LARS-WG in the catchment of Kelantan River, Malaysia.
  4. Luqman Hakeem bin Bujung – Water footprint assessment of paddy rice production in Northern Peninsular Malaysia.

FYP Batch 2020/2021


  1. Norfatin Najwa binti Ash’ari – Evaluation of Random Forests and Artificial Neural Networks for daily streamflow forecasting.
  2. Stacey Devina Anak Sun – Application of Random Forests for Rainfall Simulation Corresponding to Representative Concentration Pathway.
  3. Nur Syakirah binti Azam- Flood modelling using HEC-HMS for Kelantan River, Kelantan.


  1. Nurul Husna Mohd Razali – Flood simulation by using HEC-HMS in Muda River catchment, Malaysia (Scopus Proceeding Paper).
  2. Muhammad Zahran Syahmi Armain – Climate change impact on precipitation over Northern of Peninsular Malaysia using Artificial Neural Network.
  3. Siti Zulaiha Rosdi – Performance Evaluation on Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine as Rainfall-Runoff Models (Scopus Proceeding Paper).
  4. Nur Sazwani Hanis Abdullah – Development of rainfall corresponding to climate scenarios over Northern of Peninsular Malaysia using Statistical Downscaling Model.
  5. Nurmaliana Fazrina Ismail – Development of flood modelling based on design storm using drone images for a small catchment.

FYP Batch 2018/2019


  1. Hamiza binti Zainul Abidin – Rainfall-Runoff modelling using Support Vector Machine: A case study of Timah-Tasoh Reservoir.
  2. Mohamed Ali Nur – Rainfall-runoff modelling using IHACRES: A case study of Timah-Tasoh Reservoir.
  3. Muhammad Arif bin Ahmad Zukri – Simulation of hourly rainfall using Neymann-Scott Rectangular Pulse.
  4. Nur Fadzilah binti Jamaludin – Incorporation of geographic information system into hydraulic model for flood modeling on Perlis river.
  5. Nur Shafinah binti Mohamad Fauzie – Rainfall-runoff modelling using Radial Basis Function Neural Network: A case study of Timah-Tasoh reservoir.
  6. Khairul Hafiz bin Kamaruddin – Assessment of hydrological safety for Timah-Tasoh reservoir, Perlis.


  1. Koh Chan Hao – Flood Modelling using Hec-HMS for the Timah-Tasoh Catchment.
  2. Ahmad Haidir Roslan – Daily rainfall trend over Peninsular Malaysia (Proceeding Paper).
  3. Ong Soon Jin – Daily Rainfall Extremes over Peninsular Malaysia.
  4. Mohd Faez Mohd Mansur – Rainfall Projection Corresponding to Climate Scenarios based on Statistical and Dynamic Downscaling Models (Non-Indexed Journal).

2015/2016 (Replaced Supervisor)

  1. Aung Kyaw Kyaw – Limitation of power production for current and future cooling water use.
  2. Said Ahmad Rafiuddin – The use of raw rice husks to enhance clay bricks strength for building construction.
  3. Nik Zulhafiz Nek Zulkipli – Preliminary geological study on toxic and hazardous waste disposal sites.
  4. Nor Amanina Osli – Soil enhancement technique practiced in Malaysia.
  5. Norshariza Darun – Removal of zinc ions from aqueous solutions by cost-effective polymer.
* 2 proceeding papers and 1 journal paper. Congratulation to my FYP students who their paper been accepted for publication.